I began my pet care career over 10 years ago. I started working at a veterinary clinic during college. Honestly, I didn't know anything about dogs, I just needed extra money for school expenses. I was hired (on the spot) and began training to become a veterinary technician. During that time, I learned everything that I could possibly learn about animals, especially dogs. While assisting the doctors, I found myself particularly paying close attention to the dogs' appearances. Most of them were in dire need of being groomed. I also made the connection that most dogs that were in very bad physical condition were also the most difficult to handle. It's very true that when you look good, you feel good and that applies to animals as well.

I decided to apply for an entry-level/bathing position at Petsmart. After working there for a short period of time and displaying hard work and leadership qualities, both of my managers approached me about going to grooming school. Of course, I accepted the offer! Upon entering Groomers Academy, I made the premature assumption that learning how to groom dogs would be simple. I quickly found that to be far from the truth. It was very challenging and I struggled through the entire course. However, I persevered despite my strong desire to quit.

After 5 years of employment with Petsmart, I decided to take my skills and expertise to the next level by starting my own business. The name Pampered Pawz was given to me by one of my clients, because she said her dog always come home behaving as if she'd come from the spa. My goal is to pamper every pet by making them feel great and look stunning, while providing the best possible care.

I pride myself in being different from the average dog groomer. I regularly attend continuing education seminars and workshops. I hold several pet care certifications, including a Master Pet Stylist certification which allows me the privilege of teaching other aspiring groomers the craft.

I am an active member of:
•National Dog Groomers Association of America, Inc.
•International Professional Groomers, Inc.


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